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The Two Tablets, part I, sections i & ii

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The Two Tablets
James Swanson

In the Manor at Hardin Valley

Sanity seems such a great comfort to man: That great mental acuity with which one retains the illusion of having control over his life. Yet there are some who see sanity for what it truly is: A thin veil, a cracking mask, a clouded windowpane that may be rent asunder as easily as a careless child playing near a precious vase may send it crashing to the floor, never to be mended. While my sanity may have fled from me long ago, I tell you that I am certainly no madman, for could a madman speak to you so clearly as I do now? I daresay, surely not. Yet stay awhile and let me relate to you why they – those damnable judges and psychologists and other grave and humourless men of a similar stature – why they have taken it upon themselves to designate me a lunatic with naught left to him but the memory of those experiences which left him insane, yes, but certainly not mad.

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Stuff happening?

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I really should have put up more stuff by now, but oh well. I blame the squirrels. And laziness. And lazy squirrels.

Anyway, tomorrow is the 119th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, and to celebrate I’ll be putting up the first couple of sections from my Lovecraft-inspired short story, “The Two Tablets”. I intend to resume writing on it at this time as well. Hopefully I’ll have a semi-regular update schedule from now on until the story is finished.

In other news, I lost the game.
Master Inferno