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Being a new post, the first thereof in over a year, in which stuff is written

Posted in Personal on September 14, 2011 by masterinferno

Hey, look, I still have this blog! As you might have guessed, The Two Tablets is on more or less permanent hold until I find the inspiration to finish it. I’m currently germinating an idea for another Lovecraft-inspired short story, The Room in the Hospital, which I intend to be much shorter and more minimalistic than The Two Tablets, though I have yet to actually begin writing it. I also have a couple of ideas for poems which I really need to hurry up and write already as well.

That’s about it for now. The chances of anyone actually reading this post before I write the aforementioned stuff and link to it on Facebook is probably so small as to be effectively infinitesimal, but I don’t really want to just let this blog languish like I’ve been doing for the past year, so at least I’m posting something now. Peace out.