…in which it again again asserts that it is not dead…

Personal laziness is something of a vice of mine, in case the few of you likely to be reading this haven’t already noticed. I have, naturally, not progressed further in my writings, for which I have nothing to blame but said vice. Forcing open the gates of inspiration often seems more difficult than it should.

On a related note, I love being able to describe stuff in an obtuse fashion like that.

Been reading my big book o’ Lovecraft; currently around halfway through At the Mountains of Madness, which is quite entertaining, and I see why Guillermo del Toro claims that Prometheus is quite similar to it.

Have also discovered the joy which is Mass Effect and am playing through the second game on the hardest difficulty (because apparently I’m a trophy whore now, having gotten platinum trophies on no less than three games when I never really expected to get even one).

Also rather excited about the upcoming DLC for Dark Souls, which is quite a rewarding game to play once you figure out what the heck you’re doing in it. Though it would be nice if Gravelord Nito would stop killing me long enough for me to kill him and proceed further along; I’d kinda like to platinum this one and start a new character before the DLC is out…

Back on the subject of writing, I haven’t had any new story ideas of note, and am somewhat lost on how to begin The Room in the Hospital, even though I have the end more or less figured out. Furthermore I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what little I’ve written of The Two Tablets, as certain elements of the story (either already written down or just tumbling around inside my otherwise-mostly-empty head) begin to seem more shoehorned in than they did when I first began writing it (which was, what, three years ago? Longer than that actually since I began it before I started this blog). I think the overall concept has merit and am hesitant to simply scrap the whole thing, but if I continue with it it will almost assuredly require a rewrite.

Signing off for the moment. Try not to dislocate your thought-bones too badly.


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