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Poem: Swallowed by the Sea

Posted in Poetry on May 25, 2013 by masterinferno

The spires of stone have crumbled.
We have committed their bodies to the deep.
Great hands of blue close the sun’s eye.
The price of nature is only this:
All we take will one day be taken back.

Yet there is life in the ruins.

The forests below the waves have arisen,
and claimed our city for the kingdom of fin and scale –
the kingdom with a foundation of shell, coral, and sand.
Life continues though the elements change.
And we have moved on to new spires of our own.

What was once a home shall be a home again.


Poem: The Other Side of Nowhere

Posted in Poetry on November 5, 2012 by masterinferno

There’s a place that your eyes cannot see in the light,
on the other side of nowhere –
where you sleep in the day and wake up in the night,
and the lowest of lows is a dizzying height,
and they lie and they say it’ll all be alright,
on the other side of nowhere.

There’s a place where the roads are all longer than life,
on the other side of nowhere –
where the stones of the buildings with secrets are rife,
and the touch of a hand is the cut of a knife,
and where love is just war, but with bloodier strife,
on the other side of nowhere.

There’s a place where the stars are in perfect straight lines,
on the other side of nowhere –
where the truth does not free you, but only confines,
and you desperately hide from the light when it shines,
and you’d know everything if you’d just see the signs,
on the other side of nowhere.

There’s a place where the endless will come to an end,
on the other side of nowhere –
where they’ll ask for your name but they won’t call you friend,
and the sky is below you, but still you ascend,
and the hurt that you bring is the hurt that won’t mend,
and someday I’m going there.

I’ve been thinking in iambic pentameter all day.

Posted in Poetry on January 22, 2010 by masterinferno

Sunset on the ocean

by James Swanson

The setting of the evening sun at last,
Reflected in the ocean ere it fades,
Has painted here a distant silhouette,
Which burned its image on my memory.

Upon the sea-washed shores I wondered long,
To contemplate what meaning it contained,
What far-off thing there, shadowed in the sun,
Should cast so strange a form as I beheld.

And just before my answer could be formed,
The solar disk was drowned by endless tide,
Then vanished my strange shape into the night,
As childhood fabrication long ago.